Friday, February 29, 2008

cat owners?

Jo left a comment "I have found it to be true that you can never own a cat...they own you." And this is so very, very true. Here is a photo of Murphy, on the left and Jade, on the right. It is a rare sight to see them together but they do it once in a while. Right now Jade is in my lap helping me type.


  1. LOL...My black cat, Zeke, feels it's neccessary to help me type as well.

  2. I've been a cat owner all my life (and that is quite some time...)! Anyway, I only had one cat that I felt like I really owned. She was a long-haired tabby called Sniffy. She lived to be 17 years old. She followed me when I went on walks! She "trained" every dog we had during her lifetime (it ONLY took ONE SWAT and boy, they listened to her after that!). She "talked" to me constantly and was my constant companion. She used to jump up on the tail of my pickup when I put it down and talked to friends and neighbors. Just plopped herself right next to me! I knew one morning that she was dying. I HAD to go to work. She was on our front porch, really just a bag of bones at that point (she was very light)...I wanted her to die at home, and when I came back that afternoon, she had passed. She now rests in a little spot in our yard. She was the best DARN CAT I ever had. I miss you, Sniffy! She used to jump up on my chest and lick my chin! She was a real character! CHEERS, KIDDO! I MISS YOU!