Friday, February 15, 2008

Pony Play

Here are Stormy and Travey playing. You can see Travey's teeth as he nips at Stormy. The two little guys play the same as two young stallions would that where full size. They nip and bite, and kick, and kneel down to bite each others legs and try to throw the other one down.
Their pen is at the edge of our property and you can see the drive way just the other side of the fence. This shot lets you know just how much desert we actually have here. The browns and grays and a few very dark greens are about the only colors you can see at this time of the year. It can be a bit depressing if you are not used to it, and even if you are. There is sage, tumbleweeds, a few native yuccas, and some short cactus between where the road is and the homes beyond. These homes are of some of the more distant neighbors, most of them I have never met. It seems that unless you live right next to someone no one trys to meet anyone else. I think most people have moved out here for the privicy of not having their neighbors be so close that everyone can see what everyone else is doing. When I look at the fancy new homes in the residentual areas of the towns near us, I wonder how people can live where they can almost reach out their windows and shake hands. Out here if someones dog barks no one is going to call the cops. Or if someone has a broke down truck in their yard no one else is going to complain. It may not be pretty but we do have our priviacy, yet if something was going wrong I think all the others would come together to help. Like when a horse does escape. I am lucky that mine have never done that, but I have helped others round up loose horses and even held them on my land until they could fix their fence. Once a whirlwind came through and picked up the roof on one of our horse shelters. We actually saw it happen and watched in dismay as the roof when up in the air and came down in the road. Two of our neighbors had seen it happen, also, and where right there to help pick it up and get it out of the road so it didn't block anyone from driving through.

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