Sunday, October 29, 2006


So it is that time of year. We have to fall back an hour. Wish they - who ever they might be- would stop telling us what time it is.
We spent this weekend as last weekend. Burning tumbleweeds and collection of pine branches that have been on our place way to long. It sure does look better. Maybe we can get some more trash hauled soon.
Fall seems to be a season of cleaning. I would like to clean the house this week so can start thinking about the holiday season. I said thinking about it. It sure does urke me to see Christmas stuff in the stores earlier and earlier each year. I swear I some stuff out in one store in July. Now all the store have it up. We don't even get a change to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Friday, October 27, 2006


We finally got a really good freeze here at the Tumbleweed crossing, but it doens't seem to be helping our allergies yet. We have pulled most of the tumbleweeds and made a big pile of them. Waiting for a good day - that means no wind so we can burn them. At least we can burn them this year. Last year it was to dry and we had to just let them blow. But there wasn't near as many last year, either.
The horses are finally growing some winter coats. I keep telling them them they need more hair and it's finally growing out to the point I can tell it. I have a feeling it will be a lot colder and more moisture than the past few years have been. And we can use it.
We got in about a hundred bale of hay. A mixture of alfalfa and grass hay. Would like to have a bit more to make it through the winter.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Helens Blows Her Stack

Mount St. Helens, the volcano in Washington state blew her stack (or rather the dome that had been building since the last time it blew) over the weekend. My sister had gone there on Saturday and hours after she got back it blew. To see photos go to

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baxter Black

Baxter Black is a cowboy poet, and a very good one. A lot of what he writes is very good humor about cowboys, and the great outdoors. But the other day I was watching RFD TV and heard a new one that I really liked. I found it on Baxter Blacks web site and I suggest everyone go there and read it. It is entitled So Lucky To BE an American.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Eggs in a Jar

Never put plastic easter eggs in a flower vase. Or at least not in one shaped like my vase. Small on the bottom flares out in the middle with a small top. The plastic eggs went in it easy enough, but wouldn't come out. I kept thinking it might be like one of those silly puzzles, where if you got it turned just right the eggs would pour out. But no such luck. After trying to get them out for weeks I decided to see if I could get one apart. Plastic eggs to come apart. So using a pair of long tweezers I was finally able to get one apart and out. Figured the rest would come out but no way. It was a fight from the first one to the sixth one. Yes there were six plastic eggs in that vase and each one had to be pried apart with the tweezers held just so to get the egg out.
Moral of this story - always consider the consquents of putting something odd shaped into something else odd shaped - it may be hell to get it back out.

email subjects

So I got tired of saying Hi as the subject when I don't kow what to title it and don't want the email program to say "You dont have a subject! Are you sure you don't want to have a subject. You need a subject! Every email should have a subject!""" So I thought I would try just Hello. I wonder what email programs have against emails without subjects anyway.

I got the above paragraph from an email friend and I have to agree whole-hartedly. Why were subjects ever entered into emails. Yes I understand it helps with the spam problems, but there should be some way to elemintate them from friendly emails sent to friends and family if we don't think they are needed. Some programs will not send the email without a subject. And just how many times can you send one that says "HI". In fact my programs will sometimes put a message on that I am spamming when I have used "HI" to many times in a short length of time. I would like to know who sets up the programs for computers and just what do they put in the subject of emails to their friends. Do they even have friends? Or are computers their only friends.

Friday, October 13, 2006


want to know more about the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta - go to


A sample of how it looks from my house when the balloons take off and fly over Albuquerque. It was a bit hazy for taking a good shot this morning.

Another Balloon


I know I sometimes complain about balloons, and they do upset the dogs and horses. But they are a great subject for photographers. Here are some I took recently during the Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta that is held every year in October.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Today was the first day of the balloon fiesta. I thought it was going to get rained out but no such luck.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

With all the stressful thoughts I have had today, I decided to put this photo of a yellow rose in.

Bad People

I simply can not understand people who don't want to care for there animals. And then it completly beyond the realm of my understanding that anyone could hurt, molest, or kill small children as I have been hearing so much of lately. I keep asking myself why there is so much more of this evil in people any more. But no one seems to have an answer.
And when will it stop?

Post a Post

Ok so I am supposed to post something on this thing ever so often so it stays active. Can't think of a thing to write today. Same old same old stuff. Work stinks, and home isn't much better. The only good things in life seem to be the horses, dogs, and cats. Got to keep working as much as possible so I can feed them. I see way to much of the kind of people that get an animal and then never give it any attention and lot of them don't even feed or water the poor things. There is a horse in our neighbor hood that gets very little care, and a dog at another house. Several of us have reported these to animal control repeatedly but they don't seem to care as they don't even come out an investagate. You can watch animal planet and see people being arrested for animal abuse, but not here in New Mexico. I wish our animal control people were as caring as those on TV. If the animals didn't look so bad I would think that maybe it was all made up stories.