Saturday, June 01, 2013

Finally A Sidewalk

When we bought this house there was a small covered concrete pad right in front of the door. For 10 years we have been wanting to add a walkway out to the edge of the garage that rans from the door along side the house. Last month we decided to do it. First we set 2x4 boards in place to hold the wet concrete in place. Then since we had some large pieces of New Mexico travertine stone, also known as New Mexico marble (not as hard as true marble) we decided to set 5 pieces of it in 2 of the sections we made. The section nearest the door only got 3 pieces. First we mixed the concrete in the mixer, then poured it in, then smoothed it out, laid in the stone, and smoothed it out again. Lots of hard work. But finally it is out to the edge of the garage. We are planning to do another section and then go across the front of the garage. Wonder how long that will take?