Saturday, February 28, 2009


As you know I write fanfiction, or stories based on TV shows. A lot of people do. The Internet has been great for being able to get our stories out to the public when otherwise no one but maybe a friend might read them. I have mine on but today I found a site where there are some good western TV show stories. It is You might want to take a look at some of them. Most are based on the TV series called Magnificent Seven. It is similar to the old movie but different characters.


Has any one else had problems using Google as a search engine? I can get on my blog and email but when I try to research something I can't get anything to come up. Maybe it's my computer. I wish I knew. Other search engines I try are working.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Story

For those of you that are interested, I have another new story at
This story is called Gunfighters, and it is about how Johnny Lancer (from the TV western show Lancer) and Kid Curry (from the TV western show Alias Smith and Jones) met and if there will be a gun ight between the two gunslingers. Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes are in California to let things 'cool down' until their amnesty comes though. They get jobs as cowboys on the Lancer Ranch. Elizabeth is almost like Johnny's sister and he doesn't like it when she becomes interested in Kid Curry. Johnny thinks he is the only one who has recognized the gunfighter. And the Kid has recognized Johnny as another gunfighter that he met once. To find out if the two men actually have a gunfight go to the above website and read my story. It is listed under my pen name of Stardust.

Post Op for Ponies

The ponies, Trave and Stormy, are doing fine after their surgery. Actually they are doing better than I expected them to do. The are eating and almost taking enough excersise, but I am still taking them for walks as the vet suggested I do. It is good for them as a small training lesson anyway. And always enjoyable for me to work with them. But it does sort of make me feel like the nurse in the hospital that makes you get up and walk up and down the halls after you have surgery.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Guys

I knew it was inevitable and it finally was done yesterday. I had the vet out and he castrated my two little ponies. I know it was for the best but like everyone I had doubts about doing it. I was scared that something would go wrong and I kept thinking that maybe I really wanted to keep Trave as a stallion. But looking at the economy and the fact that neither pony is registered and I don't have the place or equipment to breed I decided to have it done. I know the ponies will be easier to handle, not to say that they were a problem, they weren't. And it might make it easier to handle my mares it there isn't a stallion on the same property near them.
In today's economy where there is a surplus of horses I really believe that the be they registered or not if they are not top of the line stallion material it is better for everyone to have it done. It seems to me that everyone that has horses seems to think that their colt should be a stallion. Not True. Watching some of the horse auctions on TV I see some of the best prices being paid for well trained geldings. Training and health are the big thing.
It was pretty stressful for Lee and I. We knew it had to be done, and the sooner the better, but still it was surgery. And there can always be problems with surgery. So far they seem to be doing fine. So I better get up and go walk them like the vet said to do.

Hairy Beasties

Of course all of this nice weather has the horses starting to shed and they are hairy beasties. Especially Sunny and Trave. They are the two with the most white on them and it seems that horses with lots of white always start sheding first. Every horseperson says they do it and I know mind do. My son agrees with me saying his horses with white always shed first. I had their hooves trimmed last week and the farrier said the same thing. I have heard lots of other say it, too. And no one seems to know why.
Trying to brush them must be a funny sight to any one passing by when they see me brushing and then spitting do to the hairs on my face and in my mouth. As soon as I am through brushing it is time to jump in the shower.
I did take the time to work with the ponies Stormy and Trave some. Stormy is doing really well at learning to drive using two long (long for a mini) driving lines. He almost acts as if it is fun. As soon as I can I will try him in the harness. I wish I could find a used cart to train him with. If we can we might try making a little pony cart even if it doesn't look like much it would be good for training.
Any one know of a used pony cart for sale in the Albuquerque area?


After the death of my Morgan last spring my two mares, Nita and Star, seemed to hate each other. I had to seperate them. Now after months of gradually getting them closer and closer I am able to put them in the same pen together. They still can't be put together for feeding or grooming but at least they seem to like each other again. I really think they were as upset by the loss of BlackJack as I was. It just goes to prove that horses and all animals greve over the death of a friend as much as people do.
It is a lot better for the two mares to be together. Now they are begining to act as if they are friends. They don't like it when they are seperated now. Today they decided it was such a nice day they had to run. And run they did. Before when they would run together they would end up in a kicking match and one or both would get hurt. Today they just seemed to be playing and there was no kicking. It was such a relief for me to see them having fun instead of fighting.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spirits on the Mountain

In the past month I have taken the time to write a couple of stories for Or should I say rewrite and update stories that I have had sitting in limbo in my computer. I was amazed at how many misspelled words and grammer mistakes there were.
You will find my story Spirts on the Mountains on the above mentioned site under my penname of Stardust. Go to the site, click on authors, click on Stardust and you will get a list of my stories.

Spirts on the Mountain is a story about a day I spent on Mt. Taylor last fall. I got caught in a thunderstorm and afterward I saw sprits in the mist and fog. They looked to be the spirts of some of my heroes - my grandparents, friends, and several of the actors and actress that played on all of those wonderful Western TV shows, as well as some of the true heroes of the west like Daniel Boone.
Take a peak at it and let me know what you think of it.

Winter Blaaas

It's been a while. I almost forgot how to do this blog thing. Guess I have had a case of the winter blaas or something. It's been cool but not cold. A few of our normal nasty winds but not to much. Yet. I know there will be more of the winds in March. I don't look forward to them. But they are a fact of nature when you live on the high desert of New Mexico. Not much going on at the Tumbleweed Crossing except a few of last years tumbleweeds passing through. For some reason I have never been fond of the month of Feburary, and soon it will be over.