Sunday, June 26, 2011

TV Re-Runs

It's bad when all I can find to watch on TV is old, old, old western TV shows that were on in the '50's, and '60's. What happend to decent tv shows. They talk about the old westerns being full of violance but what about what is on now. And it is just re-run after re-run after re-run. Almost nothing that is new. If I have to watch a re-run I'll watch one that I haven't seen in 30 years instead of 3 weeks.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

African Dasies

Dill Flower

These are clusters of dill flowers. Each of the tiny yellow dots is a tiny dill flower. There are hundreds on each of the clusters.

Pink Roses

Friday, June 24, 2011

Yellow Roses

Johnson Grass

This grass is a pest but nice in a photo

Ash-throated Flycatcher Bird

When I was a child my mom always wanted to know what kind of bird it was that made a noise that, to her, sounded as if it was saying 'come here, come here'. Since she thought it sounded like it was saying that I have always thought so, too. We could always hear the bird but could never get a good look at one. Usually we only hear this bird when we would go camping, or hiking in the mountains or desert. Since we have moved to the Tumbleweed Crossing I have discovered what the bird is. It is the Ash-throated Flycatcher. There are lots of different flycatcher birds all over the world and several different kinds in the US. All are similar and I didn't know what the proper name for our kind of flycatcher was until recently when I finally found it on the internet. These interesting little birds are kind-of built like a swallow only larger. They are mostly grayish on back, wings, head, and tail, but have a dull yellowish color to their belly area. Males and females look alike. They disappear in the fall and winter. I assume they migrate south probably to somewhere in Mexico. But the come here to nest. I usually have one or two pairs near my house each summer. They usually build their nests in a cholla cactus just on the edge of our property but this year they built in a cottonwood tree next to the horse pens, and hay shed. Every time I walk by it they fly off yelling 'come here, come here'. But return quickly and watch what I am doing as I feed, water, or pet horses. I had seen the nest before I knew which bird was using it. I had thought it might be an English sparrow nest as it had so many pieces of string, paper, tumbleweed sticks, and a piece of cloth in it. It was a couple of days before I actually saw a flycatcher on it which can't be seen in the photo of the nest. I welcome all flycatchers as they eat lots and lots and lots of flying insects especially flies which is where they get their name. I have seen them perched on a tree or power line and suddenly fly down to scoop up an unseen insect and then back to their perch they go. They will do this over and over. They come in to the water I keep in hubcaps in the back yard each evening.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kitten Names

So far we haven't been coming up with names for these two new kittens that we can both agree on. After many trys and a lot of fails we 'think' we are settling on Cassi, short for Cassi-purr, for the gray kitten. And Twinki, short for Twinkle Toes, for the black kitten.
Both have personalities as different as the kittens are. Cassi, although about 2 weeks younger, is the more dominate kitten. She is the first to investage anything new. But Twinki is right behind her and at times can be kind of bossy until Cassi says enough is enough. But they seem to be good friend now, even if they arn't from the same litter. They will eat together, sort of. And they do sleep together.
One kitten is always fun to play with and watch play but two kittens are even more fun and will play with each other not demanding so much that you play with them. Any thing can be fun to play with. Boxes, baskets, a waded up piece of paper, a ribbon, (no strings please, they can start chewing on one end and it keeps going down.) Always supervise their play with things like ribbons, and paper so they don't choke on it.
They were quick to learn that people ment food and climbing legs gets them closer to the hands that give out the food. But they also leaned quickly that laps were ment for naps.

Kittens and Plants

Since little black kitten decided that this plant was lots of fun to play with and even might be tasty we moved the plant to a high up shelf where we hope she won't find it for a while. But then both kittens decided that the pot the plant had been in, that was to heavy for the shelf, was fun to play in. I have had lots of kittens that wanted to eat lots of houseplants and most are not eatable. In fact most houseplants are poisonious and should be moved to where kittens, puppies or babies can't get to them.

Box & Basket

Simple toys like a box or basket can be the best way to entertain a kitten.


Upps! Camera setting was wrong, and did weird things to the kittens eyes.

Big Bucket

For what ever reason (only the kittens know) our 2 new kittens prefer to drink water out of the larger water bucket that the dogs and older cats use. They will do this even though I put a smaller bowl down for them to use. At first they could just barely reach the water when it was at the top of the bucket. And yes, it is a Easter kids bucket.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Kittens

These are the first photos of our two new kittens. We chose a gray with white feet, chest, and belly, and a black with white feet, chest, and belly and just a touch of white on the left side of her mouth that gives her a lop-sided look.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Photo Desperation

since it isn't good photo weather outside I decided to try some still life of some nice looking veggies I had. Of course there was a black cat to help.