Monday, June 16, 2014

Nesting Bird Photos

Don't know what happened on the previous post. Didn't get the photos to post. So here they are. First is the dove on her nest. Then the male flycatcher, followed by the female flycatcher on her nest. Next is the hummer on their nest, you can see the tiny birds tail stuck up and last is the male sparrow that agrues with the flycatchers over territory around the hay shed.

Nesting Birds

I am thrilled to have so many birds nesting in mine and my neighbors yards this summer. My neighbor has a dove nesting in a purple leaf plum tree in her yard. In my yard we have a pair of flycatchers nesting in the cottonwood by the hay shed, and a pair of sparrows in a corner of the hay shed that makes it impossible to see the nest. The other day I discovered a pair of hummingbirds were nesting in the Bradford pear tree that is right outside my front door. I put out lots of water for the birds but don't put out any food for them. I am afraid of making them to dependent on me for food and bringing in other species of birds that I really don't want. But when I found the hummers nesting I went and bought two hummingbird feeders and hung them up since I couldn't figure out where the little birds were getting any food as there are only a few wildflowers blooming in my area at this time. I don't think there is enough to support these two little birds. So far I haven't seen them feeding from the feeders but hope they find them soon as they will need them when they start feeding chicks. Here are some photos of the birds.