Monday, January 27, 2014


These photos show some of the tumbleweeds that have stacked up along our fences. First is our front gate. You can't see the 'weeds very well here as I didn't want to fight my way out the gate. Other photos show a different part of the fence inside the yard where the weeds had jumped the gate. We watched them do that. Last photo show up close the stickers all over the tumbleweeds. You would ever guess they were such a soft green little thing when they first come up in the spring.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Red Rocks

The Jemez Pueblo Indians took advantage of these red rock cliffs along the highway. They put a small store and gas station on one side of the road with a Visitors Center, and under the red rocks th
 red rocks they put
  in places where members of the tribe can make and sell Indian fry bread, oven bread, cookies, tacos, and other native foods. On this day I was disappointed as there were no Indians selling anything.


No Snow

Went to Jemez Mountains last Friday. Not enough snow to say there was any. Should have been a couple of feet of the white stuff at least. Even Fenton Lake wasn't frozen enough for ice fishing. Not that I ice fish. Notice the moon in right hand upper corner of the 3rd photo. I didn't see it when taking the photo, but saw it when I put them on the computer.