Sunday, March 25, 2007


We had about 3 days of a wonderful spring rain. Or at least wonderful for the land and the plants and trees. Not for the town of Clovis that had about 13 tornados go through on Friday that did lots of damage. Not fun at all. Here we had a heck of a thunder storm on Thursday night that caused our dogs to get really upset. Especially our German Shepherd Codee. She has always been afraid of fireworks but never the thunder until this storm. We didn't get her to calm down at all until it was over.
Strange thing was that on talking to several people the next day, they, too, said that their dogs were real upset by the storm. Dogs that didn't used to be bothered by storms. Weird

Another Border Collie

Thanks Callie for your comment. Always glad to hear about another Border Collie. We had a cat named Spot once. An old, common name but I like it. Tuffee went back to the vet this week so they could read her micro-chip and make sure it hadn't come out. Thankfully it hadn't. I figured it would be my luck to have a dog who would reject it and have to pay for another. So now she is officially micro-chipped. We thought of changing her name to Chip, or Micro or Mikey.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Tuffee is our Border Collie. She is a rescue dog and is now 3 years old. She loves to herd the horses, and Codee our German Shepherd and the cats. Today I took her in to get her yearly vacaniations and a micro chip. I keep hearing so much about them I decided to do it. It seems like such a good idea. Tuffee seems to be having a little reaction to either the chip or her shots. Not quite up to her usuall self this afternoon. Normally she is up and running full blast at the least hint that I might be going outside to do something with the horses or what ever else I have in mind. I have taught her to be a house dog, but she prefers to be outside where she can keep an eye on the horses, and all that is going on around her.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Codee is my 7 year old, female German Shepherd. She is the 3rd purebred German Shepherd I have had. I consider them to be one of the best of the dog breeds. First bred as a farm and herding dog, later they became well known as a guard dog. They have been used for police and military work more than any other breed. Not only are they good watch dogs but they are great family dogs. If treated and trained right they are the gentle, loving, and loyal. I would never want to be with out one of these wonderful dogs.

Micro Chips

I took Codee in to get her yearly rabies and vacintions. She did real good. For once she didn't throw up. Just drooled everywhere. I was going to get her micro chipped but they had run out. So guess it will have to wait a bit. I think micro chipping pets is a good idea. I am sure a lot of lost pets could be returned to the greaving owners if they had been chipped to start with. I understand it will be required in some areas. A lot of people are complaining about added expence and trouble but it can sure save a lot of headaches in the longrun.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Where is Spring?

We had a couple of warm days so I have the erge to plant some seeds. I know it is way to early. But I did pick up a handfull of morning glory seeds at the store anyway. Altho it is warm I am sure it will turn cold again. March always had to throw another storm or two at us before it will allow Spring to arrive. My roses are starting to think about putting on leaves, and the flower buds on the trees are getting bigger each day. It will be so good to see green leaves on all the trees, and srubs, and plants again. In the mean time it is clouding up again. I guess it was just the barest of hints of the spring weather to come.

New Neighbors

We have new neighbors to the south of us. The old neighbors were asked to leave a few months ago. Apparently they weren't paying there bills. So far the new people seem like they might make better neighbors. At least that is the impression I got after talking to them for a bit this past weekend.
But they have a lot to learn about living on the desert. They are planning to put down landscap rock to help keep down the sand that blows. Little do they realize that the sand will just cover up the rock.
They will live and learn out here the same as the rest of us have.


Playing with the camera.


We had some decent weather over the weekend. It was greatly appreciated after a week of high winds and blowing sand and cold. I spent as much time as I could - most of the daylight hours actually working with the horses and giving them as much attention as I could. We set up a makeshift round pen and worked the horses in it. Then I decided to ride BlackJack, but he acted as if he was real tired already or was he just lazy. Anyway I was tired after roundpenning four horses and we made it a short ride. But it was a ride - first time in a long time. He may have been just trying to get out of it because it had been at least a month since I had ridden him. He is a smart horse and always seems to be tring to figure out a way to get out of doing what I want him to do.