Saturday, August 09, 2014

New Plant

This plant was given to me. I have never seen one like it and can't find it in any of my books or on the computer. It is a vine and has tiny flowers on it. To me, the flowers look more blue than they show in the pic. Anyone know what it is?


Sunflowers in my friends yard. I can't seem to get this kind to grow. Only the wild kind.

New Pups

My friend has two new puppies. The first is Copper who is only about 4 weeks old. The other one is Trapper who is a little over 3 months. Trapper is to  rough to play with Copper right now but they should be good playmates when Copper gets the age Trapper is now. Both are Heelers or Cattle Dogs. Trapper might have something else in him and has a tail. Copper is the tailless kind of Heeler. Trapper and my dog Ziva play well together, chasing each other and playing in the small pool.


I've seen a few toadstools and mushrooms in the mountains but never as many as I saw the other day. I don't know anything about them except that some are poisonous, so I just leave all of them alone. Some were very small like the cluster in the first photo and some were almost a foot across like the last two photos. One time I did see some deer eating some so I guess some are eatable.  

Friday, August 08, 2014

Mountain Wildflowers

 there were wildflowers all over in the mountains. Most I don't know the names of like the yellow ones. Others I've added a name as I was told by my mom many years ago.

 Shooting Stars

 Wild rose and wild rose hips or the seed pod

Blue bells

Sneeze weed

Yarrow is the white flower

 Just liked the shape of the long green leaves in a circle
There were no flowers on the raspberries but there was an almost eaten berry.

Purple one is a wild geranium. It moved and blurred but the best I tried to take.


The only kind of wildlife we saw was this chipmunk. I don't think he had ever seen a people before. He stayed while I took his photo from only about 20 feet away.

Going to the Jemez


For the first time this summer we went to the Jemez Mountains. It seemed to be a big rock day. I wanted to bring the big rocks home but hubby wouldn't let me. We found two rocks that had something living under them. Another one on a hillside we couldn't get to that had a trail to it. Another with a hole in it you could look through.