Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rock Squirrel

this is a few photos of the rock squirrel that has decided to live under our small metal, junk shed. I first saw him earlier this week when he made this trip to get food out of the compost ben that I have. He decided that orange peels where the best I had at the time. I took the first two photos through a window and the last one out the back door that is a sliding glass door. After his forage into the compost he came and looked in the door at us. We have also seen him behind the shed where we discovered there was a hole where he could come and go.

Going Home

The Sandia Mountains as seen from Highway 550 when we head home after a day in the Jemez Mountains. Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Corrales lay at the foot of the mountians where they can't be seen in this photo. It takes us about an hour and a half to drive between home and Jemez Springs.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Jemez Pueblo

A photo of the visitors center, and one of the places where the Jemez Indians sometimes sell fry bread that they bake on the spot.

Red Rocks

Jemez Creek Picnic

We stopped at the gas station across the road from where we normally buy Indian fry bread since there was no one selling it, and bought bean burritos and peanut butter cookies to have a quick picnic by Jemez Creek. There was some water in the creek but not as much as is normal during April. One photo is from inside a covered picnic area looking out toward the trees and road. Another is of a tree that has grown up through the roads, a real bonsai tree.

From the Highway

These are photos of the high desert country that can be seen as you drive on Highway 550 between Rio Rancho and Jemez Pueblo.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skull Rock

Many, many years ago, I'm guessing about 15 years ago, while roaming around in the Jemez Mountains we found a rock that with a lot of imagination can look sort of like a skull. Then for many years we had sort of lost where that rock was at. We knew the general area - the mountains - but never got to where the rock was. Last fall we decided to find and came close but it got to late before we found it and we had to come home to feed the critters. Plus I wanted to see it in daylight so I could photograph it. Last week we went to the mountains and actually found Skull Rock again. Maybe to you it doesn't look like a skull. But to me it does, but then I have a heck of an imagination for things like that. These are photos of Skull Rock from a little distance and then closer and closer. Of course the real close up has a lot of shadows on it cause it sort of shades its on face all day. In the following posts are some of the other rocks that were near by.

Hole in the Rock

There seem to be more beleivable skulls in these rocks.

Mountain Photos

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Redbud at Night

I took the dogs out about 2 am the other night and noticed that the light that had been moved recently was shining on the blossoms of the redbud. I got the camera and tried a couple of shots. Had to work with it a bit to get the right setting but thought that the effect on all 3 photos was at least different.

Early Morning Photos