Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hold, Please

  • Linda has left an excellent suggestion about how to get rid of unwanted callers. I will certainly give it a try. She says to ask them to hold, put down the phone and wait about 5 minutes or so. Usually by then they will have hung up. And we can hope they take your name off their list as they don't want that happening again.
  • Thanks, Linda, and welcome to the Tumbleweed Crossing.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unwanted Calls

Opinion time again. Is there any way to stop solicitation phone calls???
  • The do-not-call list doesn't work. Those calling asking for money for a so-called charity or church don't have to go by the do-not-call list. Neither do those calling to do a so-called servery - which is usually a political ploy by a politician running for office in the next election.
  • Yesterday I had 3 calls. One from a company asking me why I didn't renew my subscription to one of the magazines I have cancelled. Mine you it is the 3rd time in a week that they have called. She kept on and kept on about didn't I want to renew it even though I cussed her out and told her to shutup. Another was from Dish Satellite TV wanting me to get it even though I have a contract with Direct TV. I had been thinking about switching but after such a rude salesman that couldn't understand 'contract', I won't. The last was the political survey call that always comes right at supper time. And it is a recording so you can't even ask someone not to call you back.
  • Isn't it time the politicians understand we don't want to be called for any reason and put a stop to these kind of calls.
  • I would vote for the politician that did this. (As long as he didn't call me.)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Come! Zivy!

See more about Ziva or Zivy as we sometimes call her at


Sunrise over the Sandia Mountains this morning. And some morning glories.

Ziva & Wiley

Our new puppy, Ziva, playing with our black cat, Wiley. Check out more about Ziva at my blog,

Hay Delivery

Gourd blossom

Purple and blue morning glories have climbed up the post on the porch.

These are the first white morning glories I have had in a long time. Notice the row of rain drops in the lower right corner.
These are wild purple asters.

This is a wild hollyhock that is growing by my

These are wild hollyhocks that are growing my my mailbox.

Cats on a Tree

Here are Wiley and Jade posing on their indoor cat tree. They like to sit on it and look out the window

A couple of weeks ago we went to the mountains to start cutting wood for winter heating. We took Tuffee with us and she loved it. While there we found several clumps of very tiny bluebell flowers. So small I had to lay on the ground to get a decent photo. But that was before we had the new puppy.  So today I sent the menfolks of to get more wood and the dogs and I stayed home.

Flowers in the garden right now.


Tuffee is determained to keep control of that darned water hose. As you might have guessed we frequently have tooth holes in the hose.


This is Tuffee helping me water the horses.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Puppy

We have a new puppy. She is a German Shepherd mix about 4 months old. We named her Ziva or Zivy. I have a new blog to tell all about Ziva at as well as some of Ziva's tale at this blog. It was a new experence for us to adopt a pup at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Center and well worth it to get such a nice pup. Go to my new blog to learn more about Ziva.