Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Photos

Here are a few of the photos I have taken since the beginning of the year. First one is of Wiley Cat. Hubby had been bringing in wood and got warm so took of his jacket and tossed it on the steering wheel of our John Deer tractor. Wiley thinks the tractor is his and is on it frequently. He thought the jacket on the steering wheel made a perfect place to curl up. His horse friend Nita was watching him.
   Some of the other pics are of a light snow (if you can call it that) that we had one morning. It was more like a sleet and looked like someone had dumped tiny starafoam balls out of the sky. I took a pic of them on one of the hub caps I use to water the birds in, our dog Tuffee had to see what I was doing and help by scattering them. for some reason that photo would come up.
    There are a mix of other photos. After the hub cap with the sleet are 3 photos from the small village of Placitas, that is about 45 minutes to the northeast of us right at the base of the Sandia Mountains. I didn't get many photos as there isn't much to take pics of there and I had forgot my spare battery and the one in the camera died. Do you see the helicopters in the pic with the house which was what I was trying to take the shot of but the house and clouds like really good. Then the last ones are of an old old old Juniper tree out on the desert. From what I have learned about the junipers here this one is probably around 300 years old. There is a powerline pole right beside it and the powerline is right over it. I am glad the power company didn't take it down when they put the line is as they do so many times. I really hate to drive out on the desert and see all of these wonderful old trees laying on their sides, dying, because someone decided they were in the way of progress. They are all worth saving. They don't get all that big because they are an extreamly slow growing tree due to being in the desert. But the wood is very hard and becomes beautiful with age. For the past hundred years or so cows have been in this area and they stand under the trees for the shade. They rub on the trees to scratch themselves, breaking smaller branches but also rubbing and rubbing on them until some of the wood is polished to a high, glossy shine. This one is bigger around but not as polished as some I have found.