Friday, April 27, 2012

Like Old Times

I did some black and white photos of the Gilman Tunnels and town of Gilman. You can see some of the real old buildings that are ready to fall down at the next strong wind. Most are almost hiden by trees and brush. The a photo of the bridge that goes across the Jemez Creek to get to Gilman. Plus a shot of the pine trees and a pine cone up in the forest.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gilman Tunnels and River

Fluffy Clouds

Yesterday the fluffy clouds looked like they were so close that you could reach up and pull them out of the sky and use them for a pillow.

Winding Road

When you see a sign like this don't take it lightly. Narrow winding roads in the Jemez Mountains mean that the roads can be so narrow that two cars can't pass each other.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let the Dogs Out

I have a really good neighbor whom I shall call Jen as she wants to keep her privacy. Over the past couple of months Jen has had to leave her dogs for long hours at a time do to some family problems. I volunteered to go out a few times during the day and let the dogs outside for a few minutes. Now I will ad that these are fairly good watch dogs, but because we have been around them ever since they moved in and aren't afraid of them there was no problem when we went to let them out. The first time they came running with this weird look on their face like, "What are you doing here?" but they didn't growl or fuss at us, just seemed glad to get out and do their business. They were even good to come back in for us.
Jen and I agreed that the next time we left for the day she would go over and let my dogs out. So yesterday when we headed to Jemez Springs for the day she came to let Tuff and Ziva out. She said they had that strange look on their face when she was the one letting them out, but they were good and came back when she called them in.
Jen and I and our husbands then it is a great idea to get our dogs used to someone else coming to let them out when it is necessary. Now if their is an emergency the we can help each other with the dogs and cats. Jen is one of the few  people I have ever met that cares for her dogs the came way that I do and my family does. But my family live to far away to care for my pets as does Jen's family in an emergency.
This would be a good idea for everyone that has dogs, cats or other pets. Find someone you can trust to come in your house and care for your pets during an emergency. It can be a wonderful feeling to know our beloved pets are getting the care we would give them ourselves if we were there.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More on Moths

I, too, am using the vacuum to suck them up so the cats don't tear the house apart trying to catch them. My poor kitties were totally exhausted last night after chasing them all day. I haven't heard if they will harm the cats if they eat them or not. I did hear that the moths don't eat clothing or wool. These moths are migrating through to go to the mountains and feed the birds and bear, or that is what was said on TV news. I that it that our Jemez Mountain black bears eat them sort of like the grizzly bears in Yellow Stone. Bears have been shown on several wildlife shows eating the same type of moth on the shale slopes of Yellow Stone.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Moth Invasion

We are having a moth invasion. Got up at about 5am to let dogs out for a minute and when I opened the door there were a couple a dozen of the little cutworm moths waiting to come in. Of course I had turned on the light near the door so I could make sure I didn't let any of our 4 cats out. I sure did let in more moths than I wanted by turning on that light. One would have been to many.
And when the cats see a moth they go wild trying to catch it. They will do about anything to catch it, including going over, under, or through any thing in the house that is in their way. Things sitting on counters or tables may go flying when the cats knock them off chasing moths.
These cutworm moths seem to do their invasion attacks about every 8 years or so it seems to me. I seem to remember it happening in about 2006 or 7 and in 1996 or 7, and now. They are a nuisance to people, but food for lots of birds. But the worms that the moths produce eat a lot of vegetation. They cutworms are found around the base of trees and bushes a lot and can do damage to them.
Everytime I open the door to the hay shed hundreds fly out. Same with the garage door. My friend frequently leaves for work before dawn and said there were thousands maybe millions around each light down the streets.
Hope this doesn't last long.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Story

I have a new story listed on . It is a Gunsmoke fan fiction story entitled Horse Thieves. If you want to read it, go to the site. Click on Library and click on my authors name of Stardust, which will take you all the stories I have written for this fan fiction site. There are lots of other authors here and we all enjoy writing fan fiction and having others read it. You can find fan fiction stories about almost any TV show that has been on, although westerns are the most popular.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apple Blossoms


Babysitting a Puppy

This little Stubby Tail Heeler cross got to stay with us this weekend while her owner had an unexpected stay in the hosptal. Her owner is fine and home now. She had been offered to us when they first found her, but we decided we had enough critters and I'm glad I didn't take her as her owner is in love with her now. She is a good pup for that family.

Ziva and Tuffee loved playing with her and missed her when she had to go home.

Even the cats excepted her.