Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I had a nice surprise today. Went out to feed the horses this afternoon and someone was standing at my gate. It was an friend who used to live on our street and moved a couple of years ago. I was a wonderful surprise to talk to her and catch up on all the gossup even if we do email.

Monday, November 22, 2010

How's Star Doing?

How is Star Doing? some have asked. Well all I can say is she is about the same. She knows her own pen find and it is large enough (about a quarter of an acre that is mostly a rectangle with a weird little triangle at one end) that she has plenty of space to move around in. She has a good sized shelter that is open on one end so she can go in and out when she wants. I keep her feed container (half a 50 gallon plastic barrel) in there and only feed her in there so she will always know where her feed is. I keep her water container (also half a 50 gallon plastic barrel) full of fresh water and it the same spot all the time. She can visit with Nita, our other mare and Sunny, my old gelding through the fence between her pen and theirs. I would love to be able to let them together but she and the other two don't seem to want to get along well together. She and Nita will do find for a day or so and then get in an argument and the kicking and biting will start. The last time I tried it Star got kicked right above her right front knee. I don't think she could see or sense the kick coming and so couldn't try to get away. It was swollen for days but seems ok now. I won't take the chance on that again and don't let them together. Even Nita knows to stay away from Sunny. At about 22 he is the boss and gets everything his way. If Nita bugs him to much he lights into her with bits and kicks. Yes, I know all of them need more exercise but Sunny can't be ridden due to age (a bad back and hoof), and now Star can't. Plus I never was able to afford a professional to train Nita and I know I am not able to do it myself.
I do some round pen work with Sunny and Nita and with Star I am working with her to understand more voice commands as well as lead better and trying to teach her to lunge better on a lunge line.
It all takes time and for a person that is also handicapped there are many days where nothing but feeding and watering gets done.
That is except the love. We always give them lots of love.

New Link About Blind Horses

Today a friend sent me a link to someone else who has a blind horse. Like my mare, Star, her horse is an Appaloosa, too. She is able to explain to those of us that are Scientifically Blind how this problem occurs in the Appaloosa horse. Here is the link to her blog which I will also add to my links list. http://

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cold Weather

Getting ready for the cold weather that the weather man is predicting. It was at 38 this morning when we went to feed the horses and has been about 60 all afternoon. But the TV weatherman is saying that Thanksgiving will be super cold. A high of 40 degrees and a low that night of 20 degrees. I keep telling the horses they need to grow more hair for the winter and they are but it doens't seem as long as it needs to be for that kind of cold. They do have the three sided shelters to help keep the wind of of them and rain or snow. That is if we should ever be so lucky as to get some rain or snow. We did repair Star's shelter the other day as it had some holes in it where she or one of the other horses and kicked the sides sometime last spring.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Problems

I keep trying and trying to put photos on my blogs but do to the fact that BlogSpot has 'improved' the way they do things, and I only have dial-up I can't get photos to load to my blogs. So from now on my blogs won't have photos.

Store Temps

What is with the stores that won't use an air conditioner in the summer so customers can shop without feeling as if they are going to pass out, and that don't use some kind of heat in the winter so the customers don't freeze. Don't they know we might buy more if we were more comfortable while shopping.