Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I am finally able to add links to my blog. You will find some links about horsemanship, plus my son's site for his horse business - Gold Stud Stallions. And there are links for my email and computer friends - Cindy, Josie, and Cyndi. Also, some links I have found that I like.
Check them out - you might find something you are interested in, too.

Eye Dr.

Talked to the eye Dr. about these tri-focal glasses I can't use. She agreed to redo them again. This will be the third time. Why do my eyes have to be so screwed up? I had a detached retina about 4 years ago, and had to have lazer surgery to keep my other eye from doing the same thing. Now everytime I go to get new glasses it seems to be a long fight to find what I need to do the work I do.

Tumbleweed Crossing Time

We had snow last week and now the spring winds have arrived. The left over, dried up, tumbleweeds are blowing across the crossing here where our place meets the intercection of I St and 10th St. here on the Mesa west of Albuquerque, NM.

Snow Pony

This is BlackJack in the 6 inches of snow we had last week.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I was told by the eye doctor that I needed tri-focal glasses. After a week of wearing them I am still having trouble seeing through them, especially on the computer.


These times they are a changin'.
Words to an old song, and how true. My blog may be changing it's looks.


OK everybody things everything has to change. Nothing is good enough, it's got to be made better. All right I'll try this new blogger look. If this blog goes away, or changes or what ever it may not be my fault.