Friday, May 25, 2007


Cool Pets

I figure Memorial Weekend is a good time to remind everyone that Summer is here, and our dogs, cats, horses, and other pets may be feeling the heat as much as their humans are. I know I am. The heat and hot sun of summer bothers some people more than others so we need to remember that it could and does affect our pets. Please make sure that all pets have plenty of water both inside and outside. Inside pets are used to inside heaters and air conditioners. So outside water and shade is very important when they are enjoying summer. Remember that all animals drink more when it is hot, just as you do. Use big containers for water appropriate for you cat or dogs size. I don't care for the small dishes sold in stores for water. Try a new, very clean bucket, or bowl that is short enough for the pet to get it's head into but that will hold at least a gallon of water. And dogs frequently slurp lots of water with a good amount going onto the floor or ground. The extra amount is needed for them to get enough liquid. If putting out water for kittens or small puppies a large but shallow dish is best. Made sure it isn't deep, and that they can get out if they fall in. We don't want them drowning.
As for horses and other live stock. Again they need lots more water in summer. Horses need at least 20 gallons of clean, fresh water a day. They can get sick it the water is contimated with dirt, or hay.
Please take care of your pets. They are important to all of us.

Rude People

It amazes me how many rude people there are in the world. Yet I see and hear them everytime I go anywhere. At the grocery store they like to stand in the isle so that no one can get by them while they take their good old time about selecting what they want off the shelves. Or worse they stand there and gossip with a friend, or worse talk on their cell phone. Why can't they at least move to one side to let other shoppers shop. And when you ask them to move they scream and yell that they were there first. At the checkout isn't any better. They all seem to want to push into line in front of the other people who have already been standing there for ages.
I see the same displays of rudness at all stores, at gas stations, while driving, at schools, and even where I work. I was not raised to be this rude. What has happened to the human race that now we consider the streets, job, schools, stores, and anywhere the place to test our ability to
"HUNT" for our food or necessities in life, or our ability to "FIGHT" for our place in the world.
What is this teaching our children. It almost seems as if we are at war with everyone we encounter, regardless of who they are.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bear In My Town
this is the link to the Albuquerque NM Journal story about the bear that terrorized Rio Rancho NM on Friday morning. Since they say it was seen at the Wal-Mart it was only about 4 miles from me and may have come in across the desert close to where I live. I thought it was a funny story but with a good ending as the bear wasn't killed. It was tranquiliezed then taken by Game and Fish to where it could be tagged, cared for and released in near by mountians where it could find a better home. The med center where it was tranquilized is one that I used to go to a few years ago, until my Dr moved. For those of you familiar with Rio Rancho it is near the Bank of the West or the Auto Zone or the Walgreens Pharmacy on the corner of Southern Blvd and Highway 528. It traveled about 5 miles to get from where it was first reported to be running through peoples yards to where it was finally caught.
Kind of makes you think what can walk right in through those automatic doors that are everywhere.

Fat Pony

Here is Jack and my mare, Nita having a confab about not getting enough attention. Yeah, I agree, BlackJack is over weight. All of my horses seemed to suddenly get over weight in the past month or so. No, I haven't been riding enough, or doing ground work with them. Either I don't feel like it, or it is raining, or muddy, muddy, or I am busy at my job, or cleaning pens, and making sure water buckets are clean and full. It seems there are never enough hours in the day.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

This Morning

This morning I spent a pleasent hour riding my 14 year old Morgan gelding BlackJack. You can see his photo to the right. I have had Jack for about 4 years. He the perfect horse for me. At only about 14 and a half hands he is easy for old worn out me to get on. He is an easy going horse that isn't bothered by much except plastic shopping bags. He is the kind of horse you can get on after several weeks of not riding and he isn't going to try to buck you off. But he is always trying to figure out how to get me to let him do what he wants to do. Of course he wants you to get off and give him treats. He doesn't care for riding in our small turn out field and prefers to ride around the yard or out on the dirt road in front of the house.


So since it has been a while here is what I have been doing. Working! At home and at my job. The job is still just a job. At home things have really changed. Spring has sprung and there has been lots of rain, especially for here. Almost every day this past week we got a good shower in the evening. That is good but makes lots of mud that now needs to dry out a bit. Hubby retired. So he is home all the time. But he has been getting a few of the odd jobs done around here that needed doing. And we planted a garden. We always have a few tomatos but this year decided to go all the way with a garden. About 20 by 40 square foot area. I planted corn, beans, onions, carratts, watermellon, squarsh, cucumbers, and pumkins, as well as the tomatos. Most are up except the onions, and we need to get some sort of trellis or something for the beans and cucumbers to grow on. I just hope the harvest is good.


Ok, I'm sorry. I know it has been ages and ages since I have posted. I keep saying it won't happen again and then it does. My blog just keeps getting put off as I have so much to do.