Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Down Time

At the same time, not feeling well from the vile sents did cause me to not even turn on my computer or cell phone for 3 days. And thankfully the house phone never rang once. And I didn't even miss them. Hummmmm.

Vile Sents

I haven't been feeling to well lately. Some idiot wore way to much perfume to the place where I work on last Friday and Saturday. It caused me to get a migrane headache, as well as an upset stomach, and a mild asthma attach. Thankgoodness it was mild. But I thought my shift would never be over so I could get away from the stinch of perfume.
Why o why can't some people learn that they don't need to cover up what ever vile odor they think they might have by using an even viler smelling odor. There are many many people in this world that are alergic to perfumes, cologns, and other expensive sents that some people think make them smell better. And then there are those that over do it by holding their perfume bottles up into the air and trying to make the whole world smell that that awful sent. Please think before you spray. You might be causing someone else to suffer, you might even be causing someone elses death by over doing what you think is a great odor.
One question - how would you like it if I didn't take a shower before going to work and came with the odor of horse manure all over my shoes and clothes. I don't mind that odor as long as it isn't excessive.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November Storm

I understand from the TV weatherman we are having a November Storm. Storms in NM in November arn't that commom. Or at least I don't remember that many. Last week the northwest states were hit by a lot of rain and wind. Now that storm is making its way south and east and today it is hitting NM. It is cool but not cold, but we are having horriable winds. Weatherman said might be gusts up to 60 miles per hour. We had hoped they didn't know what they were talking about, but this time they were right.
When I got up this morning and fed the horses at about 8 am it was very very still, with not a breath of air moving. And it was warm. But taking the warnings seriously we tighened down everything that could conseviblely blow away. The horses got a bit upset with us when we didn't let they out into the field but kept them in their smaller pens where I had put them last night when I heard about this storm.
Now I think they understand why we made them stay in. The are actually staying in their shelters out of the wind. The wind has to be at about 20 to 25 miles per hour steadyly blowing but don't think we have had the hard gusts yet, and hope we don't. The power line wires are singing, shed roofs are banging, and I suppose I should get of the net, and turn the computer off incase there is a power outage. I am sure there will be eveantily so I am shuting it down.
Until later, unless we blow away.
From the Tumbleweed Crossing.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Love your dog, and want to brag about him/her. Go to www.dogster.com where you can post photos and story of your pet. Or for the cat lover go to www.catster.com
You can find my dogs at http://www.dogster.com/pet_page.php?j=t&i=421140 for Codee and Tuffee is at http://www.dogster.com/pet_page.php?i=421088

From a Friend

Received this email from a friend going through a breakup with her boyfriend. She really says it all. And hope she doesn't mind I put it on my blog. As she says PETS REALLY ARE A WOMAN'S BEST FRIENDS
Goddess forbid but if anything ever happens to your husbands just be a
widow for the rest of your life and enjoy living alone -and doing what
you want to when you want to -and never having to clean up after
else-and not having to fix food unless you are hungry-or not know when
someone will come home to eat the food you fixed- and not having
mess up your house- or nag you if you messed it up-or wash their smelly
clothe-or watch stupid stuff on TV -to loud- or tell lies and make
up- or intemadate your friends or scare your dogs-or stress you out- or
trash your yard- or throw tan-trams at parties-etc.-etc.etc........and
if you get lonely go visit your kids and their families and that should
take care of it(you will be thankful for peace and quiet)--and if not
get your dogs or cats and put them in bed with you, cause they love you
unconditionally and will keep you company- and you don't have to put up
with any of the above.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


With colder weather coming, it is time to remember our pets need our help to get through the winter. You might want to check out the area where your pet lives. If they live inside with you not much needs to be done, but for those that spent even part of their time outside, especially in bad weather you need to make sure of these things to alow your pet to have a good time while out.
Shelter and a good, warm bed.
A long enough leash, or chain so they can excerse a little bit.
Short enough leash, or chain so that they can't tangle up around other things like trees, or trash.
Companionship that is supplied by you, and another pet.
Clean up after your pet daily so area is keep clean and neet for the pets comfort, yours, and your neighbors

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Adriano Moraes won the PBR World Championship Bull Riding Finals last weekend. It was quite a surprise to all the PBR fans, and I think to Adriano, too. It was the third time he had won, and the first time anyone has won it three times. If you want to know more go to