Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unwanted Calls

Opinion time again. Is there any way to stop solicitation phone calls???
  • The do-not-call list doesn't work. Those calling asking for money for a so-called charity or church don't have to go by the do-not-call list. Neither do those calling to do a so-called servery - which is usually a political ploy by a politician running for office in the next election.
  • Yesterday I had 3 calls. One from a company asking me why I didn't renew my subscription to one of the magazines I have cancelled. Mine you it is the 3rd time in a week that they have called. She kept on and kept on about didn't I want to renew it even though I cussed her out and told her to shutup. Another was from Dish Satellite TV wanting me to get it even though I have a contract with Direct TV. I had been thinking about switching but after such a rude salesman that couldn't understand 'contract', I won't. The last was the political survey call that always comes right at supper time. And it is a recording so you can't even ask someone not to call you back.
  • Isn't it time the politicians understand we don't want to be called for any reason and put a stop to these kind of calls.
  • I would vote for the politician that did this. (As long as he didn't call me.)

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  1. What works 100% of the time when you don't want to speak to a telephone solicitation is to ask them to hold, then put the receiver down. When you come back in 5 mins they will be gone and will also take your name of their list, as it doesn't pay them to call you.