Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pony Escapades

So today was another of those windy, dusty, sandy days. About 4:30 I looked out and it took a couple of seconds to realize that my pony, Traveler, was in the neighbors yard. I made a made dash for the door and was outside wondering where the fence was down allowing the ponies to get out. I knew if Traveler was out, so was Stormy. Most people just start chasing the animal once they realize it is out. I know that it takes a few minutes but less time in the long run to take time to get halters and a bucket of grain or horse cookies. (same for a loose dog, get it's leash and some food) By the time I got to the gate that was hanging open the ponies knew I had been in the shed where FOOD was and were already coming to the open gate. I gave them horse cookies and led them over to a smaller pen where the gate was still in one piece. Hubby had slipped a rope over Travelers head but we never had to put one on Stormy, just had trouble keeping him out of the bucket of cookies so that Trave could have a couple. Thankfully neither pony had got into any trouble while out. Minutes later Hubby had a hammer and was fixing the gate. The wind had pushed and pulled until the hinge and come loose and fallen off allowing the ponies to walk out of their pen. I called my friendly neighbor and told her if any damage had been done to let us know and we would take care of it. She just laughed and said don't worry as usually it was her dog in our yard, which has never bothered us, just her. Good neighbors are hard to come by.

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  1. Glad that all worked out smoothly. And you'e so right about good neighbors.