Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skull Rock

Many, many years ago, I'm guessing about 15 years ago, while roaming around in the Jemez Mountains we found a rock that with a lot of imagination can look sort of like a skull. Then for many years we had sort of lost where that rock was at. We knew the general area - the mountains - but never got to where the rock was. Last fall we decided to find and came close but it got to late before we found it and we had to come home to feed the critters. Plus I wanted to see it in daylight so I could photograph it. Last week we went to the mountains and actually found Skull Rock again. Maybe to you it doesn't look like a skull. But to me it does, but then I have a heck of an imagination for things like that. These are photos of Skull Rock from a little distance and then closer and closer. Of course the real close up has a lot of shadows on it cause it sort of shades its on face all day. In the following posts are some of the other rocks that were near by.

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