Monday, April 24, 2017

Kentucky Country

these photos are of things I saw while traveling around the Kentucky country near where Dustin lives. I liked taking pictures of the old barns that seem to be everywhere.

this old house looked to be abandoned but there was still a satellitee dish on the front.

Another old abandoned house that looked like there should be ghosts looking out the windows

 Seemed like every property a couple of acres in size had a pond on it.

 Lots of fields that had just been plowed and were ready for planting or had tiny plants just coming up.

 Going across the bridge across the Ohio River which is the border between Kentucky and Indiana.

Madison, IN is the closest shopping for food, clothing and horse feed. This is the courthouse in Madison. The little town, about  13,000 in population, has quite a historical district with lots of older buildings, stores and homes.

We found this little waterfall right along the highway going into Madison.

Ohio River and the bridge.

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  1. It is lovely to see photos of Kentucky ... I visited Louisville and the surrounding area (and went to Washington too) when I was 17 .. so only a couple of years ago then ... er hum! Lovely photos of a lovely place xxx