Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Mexico to Kentucky

My son, Dustin, has moved from New Mexico to Kentucky. We are thinking about it. So------he talked me into going with him when he took his four miniature horses (ponies) and my two ponies on a trip from my home in New Mexico to Kentucky.

Loading his mini, Lucky, into the trailer.

Loading my larger pony, Traveler.

We left at about dark and this is the first rest area we stopped out. We were still in New Mexico but almost to the NM and Texas border. Here they even had an area with pens for unloading horses into if you needed to but we didn't as our ponies had never been trailered very far and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to get them back on. I think there should be lots more rest areas with pens for horses since so many people travel with their horses.

 Sun rise in Oklahoma
 A nice rest area in Oklahoma

Crossing the Mississippi River at Memphis, Tennessee.

The Mississippi River

 Bridge over the Mississippi

Part of Memphis, Tennessee

 Getting Traveler and Stormy off the trailer when we finally got to Dustin's home in Bedford, Kentucky.

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  1. What a journey you had! And lovely to see the photos xxx