Thursday, June 08, 2017

One Special Flower

I really like this little desert wild flower. I just can't find a name for it. It is small, about a foot tall usually, spreading out about 2 feet. It has long thin green leaves. The tiny, about a quarter of an inch across, are white with a dark pink center and on a long, 2 inch, tube. The seed pods are actually more striking than the flowers. They look like a very fragile ruffled fabric and are pale pink in color. When dry they are more of an ivory color and will shatter when touched becoming about a dozen seeds. I have seen this flower out on the desert but could never get any seeds to grow in my yard that is mostly native landscaping. Last year my neighbor had one in her yard and we admired it. This year we both have about a dozen different plants in our yards and are thrilled that they have decided to grow here.

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  1. really pretty, I wonder what they are called xxx