Sunday, March 25, 2007


We had about 3 days of a wonderful spring rain. Or at least wonderful for the land and the plants and trees. Not for the town of Clovis that had about 13 tornados go through on Friday that did lots of damage. Not fun at all. Here we had a heck of a thunder storm on Thursday night that caused our dogs to get really upset. Especially our German Shepherd Codee. She has always been afraid of fireworks but never the thunder until this storm. We didn't get her to calm down at all until it was over.
Strange thing was that on talking to several people the next day, they, too, said that their dogs were real upset by the storm. Dogs that didn't used to be bothered by storms. Weird

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  1. We recently had a strange spring storm up here in Wisconsin. It rained alot off and on, but we endured 6 hours straight of lightning and thunder without any breaks. It was eiry. I've though thunder storms all my life and our share of tornadoes, but usually there's at least a small break between the storms as they roll though. This was different and the dogs really didn't appreciate it.