Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kitten Names

So far we haven't been coming up with names for these two new kittens that we can both agree on. After many trys and a lot of fails we 'think' we are settling on Cassi, short for Cassi-purr, for the gray kitten. And Twinki, short for Twinkle Toes, for the black kitten.
Both have personalities as different as the kittens are. Cassi, although about 2 weeks younger, is the more dominate kitten. She is the first to investage anything new. But Twinki is right behind her and at times can be kind of bossy until Cassi says enough is enough. But they seem to be good friend now, even if they arn't from the same litter. They will eat together, sort of. And they do sleep together.
One kitten is always fun to play with and watch play but two kittens are even more fun and will play with each other not demanding so much that you play with them. Any thing can be fun to play with. Boxes, baskets, a waded up piece of paper, a ribbon, (no strings please, they can start chewing on one end and it keeps going down.) Always supervise their play with things like ribbons, and paper so they don't choke on it.
They were quick to learn that people ment food and climbing legs gets them closer to the hands that give out the food. But they also leaned quickly that laps were ment for naps.

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