Monday, October 16, 2006

Eggs in a Jar

Never put plastic easter eggs in a flower vase. Or at least not in one shaped like my vase. Small on the bottom flares out in the middle with a small top. The plastic eggs went in it easy enough, but wouldn't come out. I kept thinking it might be like one of those silly puzzles, where if you got it turned just right the eggs would pour out. But no such luck. After trying to get them out for weeks I decided to see if I could get one apart. Plastic eggs to come apart. So using a pair of long tweezers I was finally able to get one apart and out. Figured the rest would come out but no way. It was a fight from the first one to the sixth one. Yes there were six plastic eggs in that vase and each one had to be pried apart with the tweezers held just so to get the egg out.
Moral of this story - always consider the consquents of putting something odd shaped into something else odd shaped - it may be hell to get it back out.

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