Thursday, February 14, 2008


Tuffee is the youngest of our 3 dogs. And she is 4 years old today. I chose Valentines Day as her birthday after the vet and I decided she was born around the middle of Feburary. So Happy Birthday to Tuffee. Tuffee, also, was a foundling, but she looks to be pure bred Border Collie and she certainly has all the personallity and looks of a Border Collie. Her goal in life is to make sure that the horses are OK and behaving themselves. If not she will bark and nip at them and come tell be that such in such horse is running, or rolling or what ever. Since to day is her birthday we decided she needed a bath. Last night was the night so she could be in all night in front of the woodstore and get dry. Tuffee sort of likes her bath and outside she is a confirmed water dog. She chased the water coming out of the end of the water hose, and will even bring the end to me so she can play in it. If she runs until she get hot she will jump into one of the half barrels that we use to water the horses in. And she will hold down the short little dishes I use to hold water for dogs, cats, and birds with her feet when getting a drink. This is the exact opposite of my other dogs who hate water. After Tuffee's bath we descovered again that the brown tip on her tail is actually white. I don't know if it is a trait of all Border Collies or if it is just Tuffee but if there is a way to get dirty Tuffee will find it. When she runs her little feet pick up the dirt and throw it back onto her hind legs and belly. My other dogs don't seem to do this. And she loves a mud puddle. Of course when chasing ponies the additional horse manure only adds to the situation.

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