Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It's time to get back to the subject of horses on my blog. Horses are the reason I started writing The Tumbleweed Crossing. I love horses. And dogs, and cats, and all animals. But horses are one of my favorites. So it is time to write about what I love. We have six horses or rather three horses and three ponies. Sundance, our paint Quarter Horse gelding, Nita, our bay Quarter Horse mare, BlackJack, my Morgan gelding, Stardust, my sorrel mustang that never got to horse size so is a pony. Stormy our Mini/Shetland cross, and Traveler, our Walker/Shetland cross. You will see there photos from time to time, and you can see other photos if you want to go back through my postings and find them.
It was a cold, windy day today after the inch of snow we got yesterday. The wind coming off the mountains that surround New Mexico made the wind chill really cold. So we didn't do much today other than make sure everyone was fed, had water, and able to get into their shelters out of the wind. Thank goodness horses can survive it this horrible cold that chills me to the bone. According to the TV weather man it is supposed to be warmer tomarrow. I can hope that it is so I can get out and do some grooming on the six mud balls that consider themselves horses.

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