Friday, February 22, 2008

Ship Wrecks!

2 cannons and 2 or 3 ship wrecks have been discovered along the coast of Oregon in the past month or so. Most are in the Astoria area. It is so interesting. And weird that it as happened just at the time a full moon was appearing. Not only a full moon but an eclipse as well. Could they have something to do with each other? Well it is interesting to speculate on such, but the sever storms of the Oregon coast had more to do with the uncovering of long wrecked ships buried in the sand than the moon or the eclipse. Or one would think so. But did the cycling of an eclipse cause the storms? Or was it global warming as some think? Hummmm - there has got to be a supper natural, science-fiction, the world-is-coming-to-an-end, romantic, twilight zone story in this somewhere.
For more on the shipwrecks go to these links -

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  1. This is very exciting stuff, as you can imagine.
    If you come out, I'd love to give you the tour...

    Thanks for dropping by the blog and the link!!!