Thursday, February 07, 2008

Our Thoughts

Every time I think that living out here on this cold, windy desert must be one of the worst places there is, I hear about the disasters that are happening elsewhere in the United States and the world. Our thoughts and good wishes for a speedy recovery go to all those who lost so much in the tornadoes that ripped through so many states. Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and anyone else I didn't hear about. Also to those in Chama, New Mexico who are buried under so much snow that your homes are caving in, and you can't get out for food and medicine, and I am sure you don't have heat in most places. I understand this has also been happening in the Durango, Co. area and in Detroit, Oregon, as well as other snow covered areas.
I guess it isn't so bad here in the desert where we just get cold wind.

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