Friday, February 15, 2008

Hay Dogs

This is a photo of Tuffee and her best friend Codee, and me. Codee is our almost 8 year old German Shepherd. Tuffee is the only Border Collie I have ever had, but Codee is my 3rd German Shepherd. I love German Shepherds. They are one of the best breeds of dogs in my opinion. They love their owners with a devotion this is incredible. They really want to be your best friend.They are good guard dogs, and with proper training can be great for working all kinds of fields, like police work, rescure work, dogs that help the blind, and disabled. They are excelent at doing obedence and agility work the same as Border Collies are. Although they love to get out and run and need lots of excersise they can make do with living in small homes and apartments as I found out with my first ones. Codee and Tuffee think it is so much fun to help us unload the hay for the horses when we bring in a truck load. It is great fun to jump up on the truck and sit on the bales. Sometimes they can be a bit of a pain getting them to move so we can unload. Tuffee and Codee do a lot of playing together, but Codee is alot better at obeying me than Tuffee is, especially if Tuffee thinks she needs to do something with the horses. Although German Shepherds are classed as herding dogs, like Border Collies, Codee isn't interested in herding the horses. She will run along the outside of the fence and bark at them but that is all. I don't let her in the pens with the horses as she doens't seem to be as good at avoiding their heels as Tuffee is. And the weird thing is that the horses will tolarate Tuffee a lot more than they do Codee. But if I take a horse out of the pen on a lead to groom, ride, or what ever Codee is better than Tuffee at leaving the horse alone.

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  1. This is too surreal! Rommel is OUR 3rd German Shepherd!