Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Breeding Season

Speaking of horses, it is February which is considered the start of the breeding season in the horse business. If you are looking for a stallion to breed your mare (registered or not) to you might want to look at my son's web site, www.goldstud.net . There you can see photos of the stallions he is standing this year. There is Darkan's Mystic Art. Arte is an Arabian/Saddlebred cross. He is a beautiful black and white pinto. Next is Golddust, a dark palomino Quarter Horse. And there is Beau, a grey appaloosa. And then there are the brothers Cloud, and Lucky who are Mini/Shetland crosses. Cloud is solid black and Lucky is a black and white pinto. I find it very unusual that Lucky and Arte are marked so much alike. It is one of the reasons that my son got Lucky. One big pinto horse and one little pinto horse with the same marking.

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