Saturday, February 09, 2008


After BlackJack came my bay Quarter Horse mare, Nita. Nita was needing a home so she didn't go to auction, which around here usually means the horse will go to slaughter. (Yes, people slaughter horses for meat and it isn't pretty. If you want more on that try googling it. I don't feel like getting into that discussion right now. It is very controversial.) But Nita came to us. Nita is a sweatheart most of the time. But then she can get - well - I call it antsy or frisky, and she will take off and run round and round and round, kicking and bucking, and then she will stop, throw her head and tail in the air, and snort real loud. I call it playing 'wild horse'. All of the horses do this and it is incredible to watch, but Nita is the best at it. Of course Jack and Star are just as fantastic to see as they imitate there wild horse ancestors. It makes you really appreciate the thought that horses are the most magnificent creatures that Mother Nature invented. I always think of the sayings like - The Thunder of Mustangs - The Sport of Kings - and something about 'I would give my kingdom for a horse.' I never tire of watching them play like this.

I was able to get some decent film of them on my camcorder the other day, but do to an old computer and dial up I can't put it on my blog.

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  1. Your horses are beautiful. I know what you mean about the dial up connection. I get so many e-mails with clips that would take up to half an hour to download. I just delete them and go on. I don't think I would mind it as much if we had never had high speed before. That way I wouldn't know what I was missing. When we go to my Son's I play on his computer. I open my e-mail hoping there is a clip on there someplace that I can open and then later come home to