Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Black Cats

Our other two cats are solid black. Jade is about 10 years old and Murphy is about 6. For some reason we seen to have black or black and white cats more than any other color. Out of the 18 cats we have had since 1970 when we got married we have had 5 all black cats, 5 black with white feet, 4 Siamese, 2 dark tabbies, 1 gray and white (K.C mentioned in last posting) and 1 white cat. Plus as a child I really remember 1 black and white, and 1 solid gray. But as I am always the first to say to anyone that questions why I get a certain color or what is the best color animal "color doesn't matter - it's the personality, attitude, and trainablity that are the big considerations" . When we get a new pet color seems to be simply the 'luck of the draw'.
So back to Jade and Murphy. Both being black they look a lot a like. Sometimes I have to look twice or even 3 times to see which cat is which. Jade is a female and is slightly shorter than Murphy, and has a shorter tail by about an inch. Murphy has more of a Siamese shape to his head and Jade has more of a round head. Both have yellow eyes.
With her age Jade had become an indoor cat. She is the boss cat, telling the others what to do, and she sleeps with me at night. She can always hear when I get a bowl of cereal and will wait nearby while I eat it and then she expects to have the last little bit of milk.
Murphy seems to want to go out first thing each morning, and loves to bring me a mouse when he can catch one. As much as Murphy seems like a big, strong, outgoing tom cat, when it is cool or at night when he is confined to the house, as all the cats are. (We have coyotes that live around here.) you will find him under the covers on one of the beds. Or if we have the woodstove going he will be laying in front of it. Or if I am sitting in my chair watching TV or reading he will sit on the arm of the chair, look at me, meow, and tap at my arm with a foot. He wants me to get one of the throw blankets to put over him while he lays in my lap. Talk about a spoiled cat! At this time I can't seem to get the photo part of blogspot to work so photos of Jade and Murphy will have to wait for another time.


  1. I have found it to be true that you can never own a cat...they own you.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. ... hello Sage! Sorry about this chook, but I was tagged by JD in the 'seven weird things about me' thingermyjig and now I'm tagging you! So if you're interested in participating just have a look at me blog for more information. xxx PS nice photo of the kitty cat!