Sunday, March 02, 2008

Attention lovers

I keep hearing about how stand-offish cats are and wonder where people get that idea. Mine always want attention. They want to be petted, loved, and fed. They want to sit in my lap and reward me by purring and helping to keep me warm. Each and everyone of our cats has had a very different personallity. Some want a bit more attention than others. Some try to get into more trouble than others. Some are more adventurous than others. Some want one kind of food, others won't touch that kind and want a different food. Murphy is a great mouser, so is K.C. but Jade would rather be in the house in my lap. But if Murphy sees me when he is outside then he is under my feet begging to be petted as in this photo.
Cats have always been known for helping people type. First on old fashioned manuel typewriters and now on computer keyboards and laptops. Sometimes it make you wonder if a cat didn't find a way to encourage people to make typewriters and keyboards simply for their amusement.
Cat also have a love of laying on papers on desks, especially if you are reading or trying to sort them. Any time I am reading a book or newspaper one of my cats will be trying to read with me. Hummm---- I wonder if cats are able to read. The next thing I know a cat will be writing a bog.

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