Monday, March 10, 2008

Neighbors Music

Music is great when it is what you want to listen to, and not what your neighbor wants to listen to. Why is it that everyone seems to think that they need to turn their music or TV so loud that the whole neighbor hood can hear it? Do they ever think about how irritating it is to hear someone else's music from inside your own house? I am talking about the guy that is not just next door to me but down the street by three acres. All of the properties out here are at least an acres in size. Most city properties are a quarter acres or less. That means the music is really really loud when I can hear in inside my house with the windows and doors shut. And this morning it started at the new time of 7 am.
Yeah I know I am really gripping today. Maybe it is due to the time change and someone else's loud music and not even music I like.


  1. My neighbors always turn up their music on Sunday mornings...and it is always French opera music! Sometimes I just sing along! Really, I don't mind it! It makes mowing the lawn much easier! (tee hee!)

  2. We can hear our neighbors music at times too. They aren't even right next door either.... there is a field between us. We really can't hear the music itself. By the time it travels the distance between the two houses what we hear is a pulsing drum sound. I have to wonder how much hearing they have left.