Sunday, March 09, 2008

War of the Rats

We, and our neighbors, have been invaded by a huge gang of woodrats. Or that is what I think they are from what I could determine by googling rats on the internet. We have caught one in a trap so that I sort of had an idea what I was looking for. They dig these huge, long, tunnels, with several holes. The holes are big enough for me or the dogs to step in, fall down, and break a leg or worse. They seem to stay out of the horse pens, probably due to horses running around. But they are all over the back yard where horses can't go. That is where I have most of my trees and plants. The darn things are eating everything they can reach. They even are eating my iris and red hot pokers. I didn't think anything would eat them. And they are smart. With all our efferts to trap them we have caught only one woodrat and one kangeroo rat. I think it is mainly woodrats. We didn't have them when we first moved here 4 years ago, but in past year they have really moved in. And with all the coyotes, badgers, owls, and hawks we have they are still multipling like ----well ----- like rats.
One neighbor was saying that another neighbor told her to use hot soapy water down the holes, and then put cotton balls of pepperment oil down them. Said they don't like that and it might make them go away. That is all I ask. Just that they get out of my yard.

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  1. We had a rat problem in our neighborhood (and yard). Several of our neighbors have citrus trees. The tree rats take 1 bite out of the citrus, then leave it! I even saw one skitter across our telephone line! My solution? I trapped about 15 of them (mostly young ones), but my "petite" (only 6 pounds) female spayed cat, "Daisy" went on a rampage and killed a LOT of them! Maybe her prey drive kicked in? Who knows? Anyway, I haven't seen on in ages. Want to borrow Daisy?