Monday, March 10, 2008

Time Change

All right. We have done this stupid time change thing again. It is so dumb. No one I know likes it. And do the people who do like it know just how many people and animals it upsets? Do they know how many feeding times for babies, horses, dogs, cats, the elderly, the sick, for hospitals, nursing homes, animal rescue groups, human athletes, and animal athlete's, schools, ect. that this stupid practice of changing the time can affect those that must eat or take medicine at a certain time.
Just think about all the crime that may be caused when someone is cranky and upset due to the time change. Just think about all the employees that are late to work, which makes their bosses and customers mad. Just think about how many people may be injured or killed in car wrecks due to some one trying to get somewhere real fast because he/she is late due to the time change.
Just because Ben Franklin suggested it hundreds of years ago doesn't mean that it works. Think about what kind of man you are listening to - a man that tried to get himself struck by lighting.

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