Thursday, March 06, 2008


If I had a job outside my home I couldn't afford to go because of the gas prices.

I can't afford new clothes, not even the ones on the sale racks.

I can't afford my medicine, because I can't afford medicial insurance.

I may have to decrease the number of pets I have, which means taking them to the pound to be destroyed, because I can't afford to feed them. (Not yet, but I am sure lots of people are having to do this. But I can't take in anymore. Ever at this rate.)

I will quit watching TV when the new law takes effect for the new TV's as I can't afford a new one.

I'm on a diet, cause I can't afford to eat the kind of things I like, which are the things that you are supposed to eat to stay healthy. So I have learned how to cook pots of dried beans again, and make ketchup sandwiches, and ketchup soup as we did back in our 20's.

I can't raise a garden to have things to eat, as it coast to much for the seeds and bedding plants. (And the mice and rats, and birds would get them first.)


  1. I agree, too! No new TV for us. I have a 9 year old Honda with 175,000 miles on it. I haven't bought new clothes for a year. I wear jeans and boots to school. My kids think that's neat. They don't realize it's all I can afford! I do without a lot of things now just to feed the horses. But...they are SO worth it! Horsie breath, aaaahhhhhhhh!

  2. We would probably be amazed at how many people are having to scrape out an existance any more. I found it interesting when you said if you had a job you couldn't afford to go to it because of the gas prices. Same thing here. Plus where would you find a job any way... Aren't they all in Mexico and China? At some point I am hoping that things will turn around and get better. When JD retired, we had planned to take our travel trailer and see the country..... lol We had to sell the camper to buy an economy car so we can afford to go to town for Dr. appointments and groceries. The Golden Years....HA!

  3. HA! Now I remember that my grandmother used to make "hamburgers and red gravy". The red gravy was a can of tomato sauce. They were DELICIOUS! My grandparents did have their own "victory garden". They grew corn, onions, tomatoes, peas, rhubarb (which Grandma cooked), carrots, and they had an avocado tree! It makes my mouth water just to remember their garden!