Friday, March 21, 2008

Big and Little

Our smallest horse, Stormy, who is a bit to big to be a true Miniture Horse, and our biggest horse, Sunny, is isn't really all that big compared to BIG horses. And our Border Collie, Tuffee


  1. awwwww! Philip would love a small pony like that - there are Shetland Ponies in Beck Row and they are so cute. I think that mum might be a bit worried if we asked her to look after a Shetland pony when we went on holiday though!! :-)

  2. What is too big to be a mini? I guess it makes sense there would be a standard but hadn't really heard what it is.

  3. I miss our little pony! Our border collie cannot be allowed to cross the fence and be with our horses, slthough he feels the need to herd the horses and runs circles around the fence to watch them and "do his job"....LOL