Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Glad to be getting comments from all my readers.

Thanks for the offer of Daisy. But I already have two cats that are good mousers, but these rats are a lot bigger than the average mouse.

In answer to what is a standerd for a mini horse. They need to be 38 inchs and under, (thats measuring to the withers). My Stormy is 40 inches at his withers, which makes him to big to be a real mini, but he is still real small.

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  1. Speaking of large rats, one time I locked two of my cats out in our garage because, YES, there was a HUGE rate in there! The next morning, they were BOTH huddled against the door, begging for me to let them out! I don't know whatever became of THE MONSTER, but I think he/it cleared out when we finally thoroughly cleaned out the garage and hosed off the cement floor! Bon voyage, monstro!