Saturday, April 26, 2008


Do wish the critters would quite shedding. Dogs, cats, and horses. I seem to have dog and cat hair all over the house which means all over me. Two horses, Nita and Jack, seem to be about done with shedding as they are slicking out nice. The others are still woolly and matted. I want to give them a bath but has been to much wind. So today I am cleaning house. Can't believe the amount of hair I am finding in critter beds, and in corners that only get cleaned every 6 months. Got the kitchen and living room sort of done, and working on bedrooms now. Doing some furniture rearranging as well as washing those hairy critter beds. Officially there is one bed per critter but then there is all those makeshift beds that they seem to appropriate. Like - the spot under the coffee table where Jade likes to lay as well as the captains chair I have in my room where I have added towels to help with the hair situation. Then there is the rocking chair in my room and the large chair in the living room that Murphy prefers. K.C. usually lays on the love-seat, and the dogs, Codee and Tuffee are usually on the couch. Nikki is to old to get on the furniture anymore so has a bed in my room and in the living room for her comfort do to her age.
Hummmmm - seems like these animals make out on the bed arrangements better than I do.


  1. Hair, Hair, everywhere. My sister and I groom our horses next to each other and the one downwind always gets the worst of it! lol ;)

  2. It's a shame there isn't a market for critter hair. Perhaps you could take up spinning and weaving and work it into rugs and wall hangings...

    Have a great day.