Thursday, May 01, 2008

Continuing Windy Story

So the fire in the Manzano Mountains wasn't completely out, just "contained", and with the wild wind storms we had yesterday, it exploded again and is forcing people out of their homes. When will this nightmare weather ever end. Colorado had snow again but all we can get is the wind off of their snowstorm.
It was so bad here yesterday that we couldn't even see over to the neighbors for the blowing sand. Which means all our little sand dunes in the yard are rearranging themselves again. There is no way I will be able to have a garden or flowers this year from the looks of things. It is really depressing. I have to leave the horses outside as you just can't bring them in the house. What a mess that would be. But I sure do hate to see them just standing out in the wind. Sometimes they go in their shelters but most of the time they don't. I put the fly masks on today. Don't know if it will really help keep the sand out of their faces, and eyes, but it can't hurt. Hubby and I have bought big work goggles and oversized sunglasses that go over regular glasses to help keep sand out of your eyes when we have to go out, which is only to feed and water.
I am watching as the wind tears of bits and pieces of by lovely, purple iris blossoms and scatters them. I have brought in several armloads of them and given a lot to neighbors. The iris did well but the wind has been the death of them.

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  1. The fly masks are a good idea. That's what I would do. It certainly can't hurt. And I thought our weather sucked!