Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another Day

We had two nice days, Saturday and Sunday. At least for us it was. But for the 50 some families that lost homes in the fires it wasn't. I feel for them. And hope some idiot doesn't start a fire around our neck of the woods. Or is it - our corner of the desert.
We painted the hay shed, storage shed, and 2 of the horse shelters. At least they look a little bit better, and the plywood and siding we used for them should weather a little bit better.
Our pinto pony, Traveler thought about adding some spots to his coat, but the mini, Stormy, stayed away from the paint as if he didn't want to add any white to his solid black coat.
Gave Tuffee, our Border Collie, a bath last night after she decided to roll in horse poop, and she was so clean and cute until she went out today and ran in the sand and got it all over her again.
And for some unknow reason everytime the cats go out they roll in the sand and then want to come right back in with sand all over them. Can't figure out the cat reasoning behind this. I thought cats were supposed to be so clean? I have had cats for over 30 years and these are the worse I have ever had about getting dirty.

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