Sunday, May 25, 2008


Would have liked to go to the mountains on this 3 day weekend, but I know they are always packed on the first holiday of the summer. Besides we can't afford the gas, and neither of us is feeling that good to take that long of a drive. So guess we will just hang out here at the house. Pet the dogs, cats, and horses, and watch the car races.
I did give Sonny a bath this morning. The horses were attached yesterday by some sort of horrid bitting, bloodsucking nat (gnat). Each one I killed was full of blood. So I made a stronger fly spray and sprayed them good yesterday and today and got out the fly masks. I had bathed Nita and Star a few weeks ago but hadn't done Sonny yet this spring. He really likes his bath and to be pampered with grooming. Now to teach the ponies, Trave and Stormy that they can like it, too.


  1. I certainly know what you are talking about with the high gas prices. One of JD's granddaughters got married Saturday, but there was no way we could afford to make the trip to louisiana. With the price of gas and that driving the price of everything else up, it would cost us over $800 for the trip. With the economy as uncertain as it is now, we would probably be better off to invest that money into a garden.

    Maybe when they get Bush out of office things might improve. I sort of doubt it though. I think we are so far in a hole right now that we probably won't see daylight again in my life time.

  2. The price of gas sure is putting a crimp into lots of people's plans.