Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Many Thanks

Many thanks for all the condolences sent by everyone. It was really appreciated. I didn't realize I had so many internet friends. Thanks again.
We are trying to get on with life as the old saying is but it is still hard to lose your best friend.
We did have a bit of rain last week which helped some but a half inch isn't much. Hubby Lee has been down with emphysema and blood clots and isn't feeling well. He is also trying to quite smoking and it is causing both of us to climb the walls.
Star is doing better. I saw her and Nita together today. Nita was laying down napping and Star was standing over her. That is good to see as it really means they are getting along better. Now that Jack is gone I can see a big shift in the pecking order. Not really a shift as Sonny is still the boss but now the mares aren't fighting for Jack's attention like the used to do. And when I was this I moved Sonny to a different pen so it is just the two mares and they will have to work it out. I refuse to put up with there 'Soap Opera shenanigans'.

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