Monday, April 21, 2008

Wind & Fire

I am diffently back home to the land of wind and fire ----- Oh, I'm sorry that was supposed to be the "Land of Enchanment" as New Mexico is supposed to be know as, but it should be changed to the land of Wind and Fire. We have had wind for weeks now with very little let up. There have already been numerous grass fires, and brush fires. I haven't heard of any forest fires but there may have been some. I was able to see the smoke from the brush and grass fire that is burning in the Manzano Mountains to the southeast of me yesterday and thankfully I can't see any smoke today. Hopefully they have a handle on it and are getting it under control. I heard on TV that there were several little village in that area that were ready to be evacuated at any time. It is not a happy tought that there have allready been so many fires so early in the year. And the wind doesn't help. We have had wind so bad all of the little sand dunes in our yard have moved from one spot to another, and a lot of them have decided to set up residence in my house. Oh to have some nice quiet days with a little bit of moisture.

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  1. I remember the Santa Ana winds from when I lived in Southern Calif. If your winds are anything like those were I can certainly feel for you. If there was even a crack around the windows you could count on the sand blowing in to the house. Hope you get some rain to help with the fire situation. I know JD would gladly give up some of the rain we have been getting.
    Have a great day.