Thursday, March 20, 2008

The wind finally let up late Sunday night of the 16th. Was so glad. It was the worst I have ever seen around here. What little bit of breeze we have had since we arn't even noticing. Now to take care of all the chores we have due to all that wind and what we didn't get to do while it was blowing. So I have been cleaning pens, and water buckets, and the barn, and repairing fence. Thankfully it was the one for the back yard where the dogs stay when I don't want them out front so no horses got loose. I am having to dig out the tree wells again, (we had just done them a week or so before) so we can water them. And they are all young trees (none have been in the ground more than 4 years) and still need frequent watering considering we live in the desert.
I was pulling the drag (made in a V with 2 railroad ties, and some 2 x 4's) around the largest pen to clean it while Lee went to do something else when he descovered Traveler laying down in his pen and not responding when he called to the little pony. Not until he went in and walked up to him did Travey wake up.
Why oh why do horses play the game of Looking Dead? I think they really do realize just how much it scares their owners when they lay down and sleep and don't even look up when you walk into the pen. I think they do it on purpose. And they are all so good at doing it.
All horse owners make a joke out of this and then there is the time when some does actually find their beloved pony has died. Then it is not fun. And that is what makes us really worry when we see one that doens't look right just lying there.
Thankfully Travey was just sound asleep and was fine. Right now he is out playing with his brother Stormy.

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  1. ... today is very windy here too, the windiest it has been all week - and the forecast for tonight and over the rest of Easter is snow! I want to emigrate to Granada where, at the moment it is 17 degrees C, and sunny with little fluffy clouds suspended in the Mediterranean blue sky ... sigh! xxx