Sunday, March 02, 2008

TV Ads

I seem to have a log of thoughts and opinions running through my head lately. I think about different things that I see on TV, or read and then I seem to forget to talk about it on this blog. So here are a few things that have caught my attention lately.

Commercials on TV. I find I am watching less and less TV simply because of the commercials. Several other people I have talked to have the same opinions about the obnoxious ads that dominate one of our main sources of entertainment. I like to watch TV. I like to loose myself in a well thought out and filmed fiction story. Instead I find that big business is trying to brainwash me into buying their products. That is all that TV is any more. It is marketing ploy to brainwash people into using a certain product or vote for a certain politician. Not only which I am seeing more and more ads that are so absolutely ridiculous, and stupid, and overly loud. If loud I simply mute them. Isn't that what the mute button is for? So if the ad is muted what good does the ad do? They are not geared for a person that is even half way intelligent. They are aimed at the totally ignorant person. Is that how big business thinks that the average person is? Ignorant and dumb? If so that means that the average person doesn't have the ability to get a decent paying job so that they can buy the items advertised. So if the ads are for dumb, uneducated people who is going to support the business that is advertising? The TV stations charge more and more for placing an ad at a certain spot in a show, and the items cost more and more to buy or use. Recently I timed the ads in the show I was watching on a big name channel in my local area. It was a show that had never aired before. There were 25 minutes of commercials during the hour that the show was on. And many of the same ad aired multiple times. One ad was on a total of 9 times in that hour. If this isn't brainwashing I don't know what is. So you say why complain, just don't watch it. Your correct I don't have to watch it and I find I am watching less and less. Frequently I get so disgusted at the ads and the fact that so many shows themselves are so poorly written, directed, thought out, filmed I don't finish watching the show, or I find I have dozed off, or decided to play with the dog or cat, or find a good book to read. So if I am doing this how many other people are not watching as much TV? When are business going to learn that the more ads they have on TV the fewer people are going to watch the TV.

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